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Do you feel like you are always on the run as a busy mom?

Life is busy, that’s a fact, kids are at home and changes are taking place in our environment, that are requiring even more flexibility than we’ve ever had before.


So, how do you stay sane and balanced on this crazy ride called motherhood?

A quick morning meditation can reset your day in a positive way.

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Taking five minutes of your day to sit and listen to a calming meditation video relaxes your body, resets and reforms your mind to remember who and what you want to be. It’s amazing how you can experience immediate relief from stress, exhaustion, and anxiety. A quick morning meditation can help you energize and allow you to be more present throughout the day.

This 5-minute quick morning meditation for busy moms by Fierce Mama will help you start your day peacefully, centered, and calm. Sit with your legs crossed in a comfortable position, with your hands on your knees, palms up, and start with breathing exercises to clear of the negative energy. Follow along and release all the negativity and anxiety out of your body.

The importance of morning meditation

When you start your day with a morning meditation you are giving yourself the best opportunity to be fully aware, fully awake, and fully alive before doing anything. This can help you manage your home, family and work life more skillfully. By creating a regular morning meditation practice, you are cultivating peace of mind and happier relationships where you are kinder and less judgmental of yourself and others. When you achieve calmness and peace of mind with morning meditation, your perspective changes and you may start to feel more positively about yourself and your day ahead. So, begin incorporating daily meditation into your daily wake-up routine!

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