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Everyone knows that Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May, every year. However, it might happen that it slips your mind, especially if you are a very busy person.

But don’t panic, I’ve got you covered. Even if there is no time left to buy that special gift for mom and have it delivered on time for Mother’s Day, there are still plenty of thoughtful and unique last minute Mother’s Day gifts, that you can offer to your mom, stepmom or grandma.


Furthermore, I’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up some of the best last minute Mother’s Day gifts, that you can easily DIY or Print Free. This way you can have an awesome and budget-conscious gift ready in no time.

Best Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Another great and super easy idea for a unique gift to your mom or grandma, is lovely Mother’s Day Wall Art, which you can download for free, print, and frame. Your mom or grandma can hang your present anywhere around the house!



Are you ready to get inspired by the most amazing last minute Mother’s Day Gifts?

Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Mom

Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Mom

Personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas! Each jar can be made just for mom. See different mason jar gift ideas from baking, spa and knitting to a mom that loves a little bit of everything!! Check it here.

DIY Rose and Meyer Lemon Salt Scrub

DIY Rose and Meyer Lemon Salt Scrub

Try this gift for moms that need some self-care. Help them relax and enjoy softer, healthier skin without washing toxic chemicals down the drain. This salt scrub, is such a treat for the winter-traumatized skin and for the senses. It’s a great way to make even a hurried shower feel like a spa treatment. Check it here.

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Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts

DIY Jewelry: Painted Wood Bead Necklace

DIY Jewelry Painted Wood Bead Necklace

With rich jewel tones and glamorous gold embellishments this painted wood bead necklace DIY jewelry idea makes a fabulous handmade gift for mother’s day. Check it here.

Last Minute Mother’s Day Coupons (Free Printable)

Free Printable Last Minute Mother’s Day Coupons

Need a last minute gift idea? These Mother’s Day coupons can be printed out in a hurry. Plus they give moms something they really want: someone to take care of them for them for a change. Check it here.

DIY Mother’s Day Magnets

DIY Mother’s Day Magnets

Do you want to gift something handmade, that is unique and special, to your mom? These DIY glass magnets are perfect for the refrigerator and you can personalize them with small photos or create a matching magnet set with patterned paper. Check it here.

Mother’s Day Coloring Cards (Free Printable)

Mother’s Day Coloring Cards

If there is one gift moms love to receive from their kids, it’s something handmade. We love to receive a gift that our child has spent time and creativity making just for us! These printable Mother’s Day Coloring Cards let little ones put their own special touch on a keepsake card, and to make the gift even more special you can pair this card with an adorable Fingerprint Flower Pot. Check it here.

Mother’s Day Chore Coupon Book (Free Printable)

Mother's Day Chore Coupon Book

Don’t have a gift from the kids for Mother’s Day? If you need an easy last minute gift idea, check out these chore coupons. Mom is sure to love them! Check it here.

Homemade Soaps with Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers and Violet Fragrance

Instead of using all these harmful chemicals, you can use homemade soaps with Chrysanthemum flowers and violet fragrance. A perfect handmade gift for mother’s day! Check it here.

Mother’s Day Flower Fortune Teller (Free Printable)

Mother’s Day Flower Fortune Teller

Mother’s Day Fortune Tellers? Write messages of love or promises of gifts (tea in bed) etc in this lovely Flower Cootie Catcher for Mother’s Day! Aren’t they stunning? Check it here.

Mother’s Day Coupon Kit (Free Printable)


These free printable Mother’s Day coupons are perfect as a sweet extra gift, or if you’re just strapped for cash. It’s sure any mom will appreciate some pampering on her special day. Check it here.

Happy Mother’s Day Cupcake Bookmark (Free Printable)

Happy Mother's Day Cupcake Bookmark

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this is a great last minute Mother’s Day Gift for Kids to make. These Printable Cupcake Bookmarks are utterly adorable! Check it here.

DIY Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub recipe is so easy to make, feels absolutely amazing on your skin and is extremely budget friendly! Check it here.

“Purr-fect” Cat Mother’s Day Card (Free Printable)

Cat Mother’s Day Card

The entire card spells out the word “MOM” and it has the purr-fect Mother’s Day message inside! You can customize with mom’s favorite colors and your own designs, using our free printable card template as the base. Check it here.

Mother’s Day Printable Survey (Free Printable)

Mother’s Day Printable Survey

A Mother’s Day printable survey that makes a great (and free) gift for Mom – one she is certain to hold onto. It’s easy for dad to have the kids complete. This gifts capture snapshots of the kids’ personalities and their opinions at a particular point in time. Check it here.

Mother’s Day Portrait & Funny Food-Themed Mother’s Day Cards (Free Printable)

A Coloring Page to Make A Portrait of your Mom
Funny Food-Themed Mother’s Day Cards

Let the kids draw their own Mother’s Day portrait or print out these free printable cards to add to a fun Mother’s Day gift basket. These printables are a fun way to let your kids be creative to celebrate Mother’s Day. And to have some easy last-minute Mother’s day DIY gifts and activities. Check it here.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers

Make your very own Spring flowers with this fun and easy tissue paper flower tutorial. A bouquet of handmade flowers is the perfect gift for your mom. Check it here.

DIY Bath Bombs

DIy Bath Bombs

Homemade bath bombs are fun and easy to make! You can add options like dried flowers or herbs, essential oils, and colors to really customize your bath bombs. This is a pretty easy project for young kids with some supervision. Spark their imagination by letting them help measure and mix, fill the molds, and decide on colors and fragrance. Check it here.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire (Free Printable)

Mother’s Day Questionnaire

This fun printable is a free gift that kids fill out and draw. Mom will love hearing about what her child thinks and feels. It makes the perfect last-minute gift idea too! Check it here.

6 Mother’s Day Gift Tags (Free Printable)

6 Printable Mother’s Day gift tags

Say ‘I love you’ by adding a creative touch to your gift with these free printable Mother’s Day gift tags. They’re the perfect addition to unique homemade Mother’s Day gifts from kids, the perfect addition to gift baskets for grandma, or a quick and pretty way to top off last minute gifts for moms. They even fit within Cricut’s Print and Cut sizing, which means they’re super easy to prepare. Check it here.

Fingerprint Flower Pot

Fingerprint Flower Pot

These fingerprint flower pots make the perfect keepsake gift idea for spring! Plant seeds or flowers in them to give for Mother’s Day or for a birthday. Check it here.

3 Ingredient Hot Cocoa Mix

3 Ingredient Hot Cocoa Mix

Make your own dark hot chocolate with this delicious 5 minute hot cocoa mix, then keep it yourself or turn it into the easiest gift for mom. It makes the most delicious chocolatey, creamy, warming hot chocolate. This hot cocoa mix is easy for kids to put together with your help cutting the chocolate and mom will love it! Check it here.

Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub

Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub

This Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub is perfect for homemade gifting. It exfoliates and moisturizes dry winter skin while offering a pleasant and invigorating aroma to a tired body in the morning. Moms will love feeling pampered this Mother’s Day! Check it here.

DIY Lavender Candles

DIY Lavender Candles

Discover how easy it is to use dried lavender stems to make pretty floral DIY Lavender candles in mason jars. These handmade candles would make a really thoughtful gift idea for Mother’s day. Check it here.

DIY Herbal Bath Soak

DIY Herbal Bath Soak

Create a simple DIY herbal bath soak for Mother’s Day. It’s an easy way to remind your mom not just how important she is to you, but also that she is totally deserving of self care. Make this easy herbal bath soak is ready to gift in just 5-minutes or less! Check it here.

Fizzy Tropical Bath Powder

Fizzy Tropical Bath Powder

Fizzy Tropical Bath Powder – A light, airy, coconut scented powder that’s calming, soothing and fizzes with pops of blue and green color when it hits the bath water, turning your water a beautiful turquoise blue. Check it here.

Mother’s Day Cards For Stepmoms (Free Printable)

Mother's Day Cards For Stepmoms

One of the most important things to remember about celebrating Mother’s Day with your stepmom is to find a card or write something in her Mother’s Day card that lets her know you appreciate her and want to thank her role in your life. I found that a DIY printable card for your stepmom is a great way to go. You can get nice card stock or just use printer paper if that’s all you have. You can be more specific and write what is in your heart. Check it here.

A Mother’s Day Prayer (Free Printable)

A Mother’s Day Prayer

In May we celebrate Mother’s Day and this Mother’s Day prayer is the perfect way to bless the moms in your life. If you are a mom use this prayer to find strength and encouragement for your very important work. Pray this prayer for your mom or a important woman in your life. This prayer is the perfect way to start a Mother’s Day brunch or family get-together. Your mom will feel incredibly special when you pray this prayer for her. This prayer would also be appropriate to pray as a congregation during a worship service or as a small group at a Bible study or gathering. Check it here.

DIY Mother’s Day Seed Gift (Free Printable)

DIY Mother’s Day Seed Gift

In just a few minutes you can turn a packet of seeds into a cute Mother’s Day gift with this free printable! Check it here.

DIY Mini Canvas Mother’s Day Gifts

Mini Canvas Mother’s Day Gifts

These mini canvas Mother’s Day gifts are a beautiful and budget-friendly idea that comes together in a flash. These little displays are a gift Mom will love to display in her home year-round. Check it here.

DIY Beautiful Nail Art

DIY Beautiful Nail Art

This beautiful nail art is the perfect “daddy and me” project and a lovely heartfelt gift for mother’s day. The only materials you need are wood, nails, and rubber bands and you are ready to go. Check it here.

Easy Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

I hope you enjoyed the above list of super easy last minute Mother’s Day Gifts and got inspired to make your own unique gift for mom, stepmom or grandma. And remember, your love is the most valuable gift of all!

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    Oh my goodness! These are some amazing ideas!!!!! Love the DIY scrub. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Wow! What a Godsend to have these ideas! Truthfully, whether it’s a last-minute gift or not, I think homemade is always the sweetest and most thoughtful way to go when it comes to honoring mom, grandma, etc (at least, those are the ones I find priceless as a mom)! These are all fantastic options! Pinning and thank you! 🙂

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