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These free printable Meal Plan and Meal Prep Templates will help you get organized in the kitchen while saving you time and money with your weekly cooking and grocery shopping!

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Free Printable Meal Plan and Meal Prep Templates

Free Printable Meal Plan and Meal Prep Templates Bundle

If you are trying to get into the habit of eating healthy and not having to spend hours in the kitchen, then Meal Prep is the right choice for you. Whether you are a beginner to meal prepping or you are already prepping your meals for the week, you need some tools to help you get organized, save time, and stay consistent. (If you are a beginner to Meal Prep, check out the 7 easy steps of the Weekly Meal Prep Routine.)

This is why I have created this amazing Meal Prep and Meal Planning Templates Bundle, which you can access absolutely free!

The Free Bundle consists of 14 beautiful and simply designed pages that will help you get started with meal prep.

Free Printable Recipe Card and Master Recipes List

When you start meal prepping, the very first thing you have to do is think of which meals you are going to prep. You might want to prep breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks altogether or just the meals that take up most of your time during the week (e.g. dinners). Gather a couple of easy recipes that you and your family enjoy. Look at new recipes that you would like to try.

Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner with Grocery List

Before putting meal prepping into action, you have to write down your weekly meal plan for you and your family. Browse through the recipes that you would like to include in your weekly meal plan. Decide which recipes you are going to prep for every meal and for how many days. Take into account your family’s schedule and activities for the week.

When you are done with your meal planning, it’s time to make your grocery list and go shopping. Calculate the amounts of ingredients you need according to the meal plan you have set out (servings x days).

Free Printable Fridge, Freezer, and Pantry Inventory Card

Before you finalize your shopping list make sure you check for any ingredients and products you may already have in your home (in the fridge, freezer, and pantry). Keeping an Inventory Card for your fridge, freezer, and pantry items comes in handy!

Free Meal Prep Checklist

When it’s time to do the actual meal or ingredients preparation, start with the foods that need the most time to prep/cook and organize yourself in the kitchen by using all available cooking appliances (oven, stovetop, instant pot, slow cooker, etc.). A Meal Prep Checklist will help you line out the steps you need to follow.

Meal planning and Meal prepping don’t have to be difficult. With my Free Printable Meal Planner and Meal Prep Templates Bundle, you will become a pro in no time!

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