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When it’s time to clean your home, your focus should be set on using natural, non-toxic cleaning products.

Eco-friendly cleaners are the best solution for helping out the environment and reducing the amount of toxins your family is exposed to, especially if you have little kids or pets in the house.


DIY cleaning products are easy to make and budget-friendly, since they use only a few simple and natural ingredients that you can usually find in your pantry.

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Make your own DIY cleaning products and get your home just as clean as with store-bought cleaning products, but without the dangerous and toxic chemicals, irritants and allergens.

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The Best Recipes for All-Natural DIY Cleaning Products

The following posts contain the best all-natural DIY Cleaning Products that you can easily make at home in order to deep clean your entire house in spring and all year round. Enjoy!

5 DIY Scented Vinegar Cleaners

Vinegar cleaner gets a fresh, fun upgrade! Try these scented vinegar cleaners for a fresh, natural home. Read the Dos and Don’ts tips for making the perfect natural vinegar cleaner. Check it here.

DIY Homemade Carpet Powder Cleaner

This DIY Homemade Carpet Powder Cleaner is an easy, non toxic, budget friendly way to deodorize your carpets and rugs. Those commercial carpet powder cleaners are expensive and contain synthetic fragrance and mystery chemicals that aren’t healthy, especially for young children who tend to spend a lot of time on the floors. This Homemade carpet powder is safe for pets and kids and only uses 2 ingredients! Check it here.

DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Hardwood floors are a popular flooring choice for many people because of their beauty and durability. However, if you have hardwood floors, you know you need to keep them clean so they can stand up to heavy use. If you have young children or pets routinely playing on the floor, you likely want this natural DIY Cleaner for your hardwood. Check it here.

DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner with Lavender and Peppermint

This lavender peppermint cleaning spray comes together in minutes, and smells heavenly! It makes a wonderful spray for kitchen countertops and household surfaces! Check it here.

Easy DIY Disinfecting Spray

This DIY disinfecting spray with essential oils smells & works great! It only takes a few minutes to whip up a batch of this easy cleaning spray! Safe to use around little ones! Check it here.

Homemade Glass Cleaner

Store-bought glass cleaners are particularly bad offenders because they contain ammonia, which is an irritating and corrosive chemical. You can also remove ammonia by making a natural glass cleaner that doesn’t contain the harmful chemical in the first place. Not only is this homemade glass cleaner safer for everyone in your home, but it’s also cheaper to make, requires just a few simple ingredients, and can give you the same streak-free results you get from store-bought glass cleaners. Check it here.

DIY Grout Cleaner

Got cruddy grout? I think we all have dirty grout somewhere in the house. Chemicals, steam cleaning – they all work, some methods better than others. But if you don’t want to go the chemical route and don’t have time for the steam cleaning and its iffy results, why not make your own grout cleaner? Making your own grout cleaner is simple to do. Check it here.

Reusable Disinfecting Wipes

Take a look under nearly any bathroom or kitchen sink, and you’ll likely find a container of disposable disinfecting wipes. While they’re certainly convenient, they also have several issues due to the chemicals they use to clean and the fact that they’re disposable. Fortunately, it’s very easy to make your own homemade reusable disinfecting wipes that are perfect for cleaning hard surfaces around your house. Check it here.

Zero Waste Orange Peel Cleaner

Make your own all purpose orange peel and vinegar cleaner! It’s super cheap, helps reduce waste and contains zero toxins, unlike many household cleaners on the market. Use orange peel cleaner on flooring, sinks, cabinets, toilets, tubs, and even glass! Check it here.

DIY Natural Brass Cleaner

Are you looking for a natural way to clean your brass hardware? Learn how to create a brass polish using supplies you already have it home. Finally an easy way to update hardware. Check it here.

Homemade Floor Cleaners And Other Eco-Friendly Swiffer Alternatives

Reduce plastic waste by making your own homemade floor cleaners. These easy, eco-friendly solutions are a great money saver. It’s easy to make your own homemade floor cleaners for wood floors as well as other surfaces. Just mix the ingredients called for in the natural recipes for my homemade floor cleaners, then enjoy clean floors without having to worry about toxins or other irritants. Check it here.

Natural Cleaning Clay Recipe for Your Glass Stove Top, Countertops & Tile Floors

Learn how to make a natural cleaning clay recipe to clean just about everything! Perfect for cleaning glass stove tops, granite countertops and even tile floors, this easy cleaning clay recipe requires just 3-ingredients. Make yours in just 5-minutes! Check it here.

Easy 3-Ingredient DIY All Purpose Cleaner Without Vinegar

Need a DIY all purpose cleaner without vinegar to naturally clean your home? I have the absolute perfect 3-ingredient recipe! This vinegar free all purpose cleaner works magic on your family’s muck and mayhem. It’s also non-toxic and eco-friendly. So you can feel good about using it around kids, family and pets. Check it here.

DIY Air Freshener with Essential Oils

Get a clean, fresh natural fragrance in your home with this natural DIY air freshener with essential oils. This DIY air freshener works like a natural deodorizing spray recipe to neutralize and eliminate even the toughest odors without chemicals. So you get a healthy, non-toxic clean scent in your home. Check it here.

Easy Natural Toilet Cleaner

You are not cleaning your bathroom toilets as well as you think that you are. There are in fact 6 other places around the bathroom toilet that you are missing. Make this Easy Natural Toilet Cleaner because toilets are in most definite need of a spring cleaning too. Check it here.

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Do you have any natural diy cleaning products recipes you want to share? Comment below.

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