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It’s true that most women enjoy makeup and colors (myself included), and of course, moms enjoy them too! However, the life of a mother can get really hectic with caring for the kids, going to work, managing the home, keeping up with the bills, etc. which sometimes leaves no extra time for self-care. This is why a quick and easy makeup routine is a game-changer.

How impossible is it really to find just 5 minutes for yourself? I’m sure it can be done, however busy your life may be. Wake up just five minutes earlier to do some easy makeup steps and you will look glam and ready to face another challenging day.

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Now, if you’re a mom, you might not want to have a full face of makeup on for those off-to-school mornings or shopping days. Elanna Pecherle shares with you the secrets to looking polished and put-together using just five beauty products. 

Watch the video tutorial below and discover how to master a quick, easy, everyday makeup routine that delivers beautiful results. 

The five products that Elanna uses for her quick easy makeup routine are a Concealer, a Cream Bronzer, an Eyebrow Pencil, a Mascara, and a Lipstick.

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